Baseball Senior Information

This year the ESAA Senior League will be participating as a member in the North Suburban Youth Baseball Association. More information can be found here

13 & 14yr olds play in the seniors, where 80 ft bases and a 54ft pitching mound are employed. Games are played at Wildwood. Birthdate range for the senior baseball league is 5/1/99 thru 4/30/02.

There will be two sets of playoffs for Seniors.  The NSYBA playoffs and the house playoffs, which are separate and distinct.  The House playoff format will be double elimination. Seedings are determined based on the teams' year end standings in the NSYBA.  However, the championship game winner shall be declared the final champion. If the team from the winner's bracket does not win the championship game, there are no further games to determine a champion.

Bat restrictions are maximum 2 5/8" in diameter and 36" maximum length and not weigh more than three ounces less than the length of the bat (e.g. a 33" bat must weigh at least 30oz). All non-wood bats must meet the BBCOR performance standard and will carry a BBCOR label, or see this link for a listing of older baseball bats that currently qualify.

For a bat to be legal it must be permanently marked.

1.15 BPF”  “BBCOR”  "USA" or be a wood bat. There are NO barrel restrictions for USA STAMPED BATS OR WOOD BATS.



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