Baseball Instructional T-ball (1st yr) Information

This tee-ball league is for 5 year olds and is co-ed.

Players will be placed on teams according to their neighborhood and school unless otherwise specified during registration.

Teams meet for an hour and 1/2 about twice a week, one weekday and once on Saturday. The first 45 minutes will be practice and developmental skills and the last 45 minutes will be an actual game situation.

About 15 games are played.  No score is kept and there are no playoffs.

Outs may be called but each side bats through their order each inning. 

Youth umpires are present to place the ball on the T and call outs. 

Rainout makeups are optional.

Games in 2022 will be played at Sauganash School.

Instructional T-ball (1st yr) Teams:

  1. · Brewers
  2. · Cardinals
  3. · Cubs
  4. · Dodgers
  5. · Mariners
  6. · Mets
  7. · Nationals
  8. · Red Sox
  9. · Rockies
  10. · White Sox

* Select team to view the team schedule.

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